Drove the Chevy to the Levy

 (43.3576994,-115.4470238) Anderson Ranch Reservoir 


Driving the Chevy to a levy. 

Drove the Chevy to the Levy. On the backs on 1 million giant coffee colored cicadas. I have never seen a swarm of cicadas quite like this before. There were quite literally millions of them on a 2 mile stretch of asphalt. As Robyn sat co-pilot she felt queezy with the splattering of giant insects, while Rhye and I were giggling at my efforts to find large clumps of them on the highway in an effort to make them small clumps. 

It was not until I got out of the truck to inspect these crunchy grasshoppers that to felt the gringe creepy crawlers that Robyn must have been feeling. When I got out of the truck I found that my road rampage had splattered green and brown slime all over the trailer and Jimmys fenders... the ooze was slowly rolling and dripping off of the truck and trailer... I was astounded by the sheer amount of guts. Gawking at the goo, I quickly realized that my feet were quickly surrounded by these insects. They were feasting on the entrails of their brethren.... nasty. 

We dropped down a gravel road (luckily away from the swarm) and ran the off-road chassis Like it was designed too. We dropped down onto Anderson Ranch Reserviour. We found a little spot, set up for the night and quickly started exploring. The night was a mere pit-stop but worth a few several days. 

Total drive time = 6.5 hours. Insects killed = infinite. Gravel road at 13% grade = 3 miles. Amount of cubbords open due to the gravel road = 2. Number of Snakes = 1. Gin and tonics consumed out of insect-a-palooza = 2.