Family Time - Thanksgiving

We spent a few weeks parked in the driveway of the Shea’s residence in Riverside CA.  Our presence in their driveway certainly had elements of the movie Christmas Vacation. While in Riverside we spent time with our nephews of whom are very dear to us, it was a real treat to spend so much time with them! Our visit wasn’t justed limited to our nephews, but many family members including a 103 year old grandmother! While there we traveled to the beautiful Newport coast, Disneyland, and a thanksgiving 5k run. 

Thanksgiving is the time for thanks, I am thankful for my inlaw’s for allowing us do coupious amounts of laundry, take long hot showers, drink up their fine liquor and eat all their food.

We are in Arizona now and today I saw a hand painted sign in a flea markey. It said, “live your dreams”. I think we are close to achieving that, which makes me very thankful.

We love you all and will return the favor of generosity someday...somehow!

Photos to follow this sappy post are from a Turkey Trot 5k, Thanksgiving, and Disneyland.