Jimmy and the Beige Mahal

So here we are in my parents Colorado yard looking at a 2007 GMC SLT Diesel Long Bed Truck named “Jimmy”. This petrol guzzling Hellcat on wheels looks and drives like it just came off the dealership lot. Fred and Sharon made sure he (Jimmy) had all the best mechanics, the cleanest undercarriage, and most delicate of oil changes. It shows,  “Jimmy” has the demeanor of Brad Pitt in the movie “Money Ball” crossed with 1973’s Bruce Lee movie “Enter the Dragon”. Jimmy is a softy on Sundays and blackbelt seeking revenge on a Monday. 

Tagging a few feet behind Jimmy is the Beige Mahal. This dream boat on wheels is a Palace of Luxury smashed into 12’ by 25’ tube of wood and metal. No, crappy composite cabinets for this princess, only the purest of timbers were harvested. It is rumored that the manufactures used miniature Paul Bunions and oxen to harvest the most durable of woods.

Beer drinking, flannel wearing, tobacco spitting, steel workers on a remote island in the PNW made this off-road chassis for this trailer from molten metal -  with their bare hands. This baby is 100 percent bad-a@%. 

Have you read Jules Verne’s 1864 novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth”? Well Jimmy and the Beige Mahal are about to take us on a journey.... Jimmy and and Beige Mahal are about to be our vessel - around the country. It is planned to take a year. Not unlike finding the center of the earth. This trip will be challenging and hopefully TOTALY WORTH IT.

So here it is folks, we are renting out our house, selling most physical anchors and moving into the Beige Mahal. Robyn is working remotely, I am the general trophy husband/dad.  

P.S. On a serous note: Sharon and Fred sold us more than means to recreate - they gifted us a lesson. Do it while you can, the world has a great way of keeping you on our toes. Sharon and Fred, thank you. Thank you for selling us your dream. We hope the next page was a good as the last. We hope our book is as good as yours! 

Next Stop - Oregon to start the preparations for the journey to the center of the earth.