Rudi & The Redwoods


Joe Rudi, is one of those people you just can seem shoe away. No matter how much we give him a hard time he keeps coming back. Like a puppy, if you pet it... you are stuck with it. Joe has been apart of Robyns life as much as mine. He has been with us for nearly every single major life moment.  Here is an abbreviated list of some of those moments:

  • Joe & I fishing nearly every salmon run in Alaska from 2004 to 2012
  • Joe was there when Robyn started hanging out with us (she was in high school- AWKWARD).
  • When I first started dating Robyn
  • He was literally there when she moved in.
  • Moved Robyn and I from AK to OR
  • Then moved us back to Alaska
  • Groomsman – we fought over which side he was to stand on.
  • Numerous visits to Oregon
  • Was the first non-family member to meet Rhye
  • Visited us on the first “kick-off” trip of our RhyeNot ramble.

Rudi likes wood, he likes hard natural wood, even more so he likes rare old wood. So what a better way to kick off the RhyeNot ramble then in the beautiful California Redwoods with the man himself - Rudi. When we picked him in the evening he looked tired, tired from his exhaustive work schedule. After a short chat we all went to bed looking forward to the adventures that awaited us in the giant redwoods. Rudi woke in the morning the next day with the eagerness of a hungover sloth. His movements were so labored that not even the thought of an ancient old redwood put any pep in his step. 

That morning I spent an hour cleaning and organizing the Beige Mahal for the windy road ahead…. All the while he slept. Rhye even asked what was wrong with Uncle Rudi, concerned he was a zombie. When it came time for everyone to get in the truck (Jimmy) he remained steadfastly asleep. So, I left him there. Like a good friend I left him dangerously unsecured in a trailer not equipped to sustain any type of mishap.  l purposefully took speed bumps at angles and aimed for washboards. The stow away never stirred. When we arrived at the temporary destination we climbed into the the trailer and forcefully woke Rudi.  Only then did he wake from his slumber and said…” um okay, I am hungry”.

He was on vacation. Rest and reprieve from the grind is exactly what the crew of RhyeNot is searching for. What a better way to kick of the RhyeNot adventure then with Rudi. 

The Redwoods are incredible, majestic, grand, and stinking huge! I think one could spend an entire summer exploring all the different parks and what each has uniquely to offer. The coastal areas are rugged and gorgeous. The roads we have been on are narrow and winding and the weather has been perfect. We expect to be moving from park to park over the next few weeks so stay tuned. 

We moored the Beige Mahal for 7 days here: The Redwood RV Resort is our splurge for the month and will be the last “pay” camping for the next 3-4 weeks. So, while we enjoy hot showers and abundant electricity we are also thoroughly enjoying or best friends company. 

P.S. While I am writing this - I learned that the #6 worst prison in the United Stated is the Pelican Bay Prison. This prison is also convienently located 2 miles from us. Just a moment ago a fog horn went off... and what seemed to be the entire California police force drove past the RV Park at mock 5. I think something is going down at the prison...and hopefully entirely WITHIN the prison.