Sequioa and Kings National Parks

We met the Birkedal’s (Robyns parents) as they were moving from Alaska to California. Since they were passing through the area they decided to meet us in Sequoia and Kings National Parks. It was a wonderful visit and we felt very excited to spend time with family.  Side note: the pool at their hotel...had swimming bugs in it. No one seemed bothered by them. Is this a thing down here? 

These parks have not been discovered quite by throngs of tourists like Yosemite was. Though the landscape is not a dramatic as Yosemite. Over two days we enjoyed the vast nature and giant sequoia trees. I defiantly would go to this park in the fall if your thinking of visiting.

The last day in the park Robyn and I were talking about options of where we would like to go next, when she spotted some bears! We pulled over and observed a cub 25 feet up in a tree eating nuts. The cubs mother was watching closely. Then two turns later Robyn spots anther mother bear and her cub both in a eating nuts in trees (She is the bear whisperer). That was a special and memorable moment. 

We are off to the Kerns River and Lake Isabelle.