Kernville CA

We made a three week “standstill” near Kernville CA. Kernville is a gem of a town, it reminds me of a town I group near (Carbondale, CO). It is full of outdoor enthusiasts and artists. Rock climbers, rafters, kayakers, hunters, and old timers abound. This town is a gateway to the Sierras, a true gem in California. We first stayed at at the Stine Campground (a free campground) on Lake Isabelle. When we arrived at the Stine Campground we found that is was surrounded by grazing cattle and views were grand. Unfortunately, we only could do five days at this campground as the wind was relentless and intense. So intense, Robyn woke several times thinking we were in the process of flipping or already flipped. It (the wind) was wild. When then moved just a few miles to an amazing campground called Chico ( Here we found minimal wind, large boulders, and endless river activities. Two weeks at this campground was just right! Robyn found a Cowork location where we met some amazing new friends! This place is a must return too!


Venice RV Park

So to begin this post lets set the stage. It has been over 6 weeks of “Traylering” (yes I spelled it that way) . Though “camping” in the trailer includes hot showers, a bathroom with 2 ply toilet paper, a fridge/freezer, and yes DVD player with a complete collection of the Die Hard movies…. it still requires lots of conservation. Conservation of water, patience, waste, and money. We shower with just under 2 gallons of water and dishes are cleaned with much less. A large RV Battery supplies Robyn’s office and my iPad (takes about 2 hours of generator use - per day to charge). We don’t have endless supplies. However, its not really “ruffing it” either…. by any means.

We are nearly two months of military showers, generator use, the last of the “almost” clean laundry, and all out of bath water for the the dirt devil we call Calamity.  As we drive towards the coast we are very much looking forward to an RV park. An RV park with boundless electricity, water, propane, and a washing machine use.

If I had come to this RV Park 7 weeks ago when we first started I would not have even stopped. I would have kept driving past the meth houses, deteriorated cars, abandoned garbage... but after 7 weeks, Venice RV Park looked like the an Oasis. For $55 bucks a night you can camp so close to your neighbor that you can hear their sleep apnea machines pump. Parking the trailer is literally like trying to dock to the international space station. We are so damn close to our neighbors that  we have to coordinate who is going to walk out of the trailer first - you or the neighbor.

But for us, at this moment. The Beige Mahal has been parked in an Oasis! We took crazy long hot showers…. turned every light on, and have clean clothes!